Spread your wings-

~Welcome to thesoarspot.com! This is a God directed but 
human-written blog. Readers will find I am very real and 
the entries that are published are from my heart and 
hopefully for yours.  
~For years I have studied eagles and countless other 
birds and found many biblical truths that teach us how 
to survive this crazy life on earth.  It is my hope that 
as God calls me to share some of my own storms with you,
that you are encouraged and your walk with God is 
strengthened. I am a normal person.  Wife to the same man 
for almost 29 years, mother of 3, Nana to 2 and called to
writewhat God has "allowed" me to endure in my life so far. 
We may look different and experience different life 
circumstances but one commonality is we all experience 
hardships! The bigger question is, how do you and I respond
to these trials? 
~As we travel together, I pray that this blog will be an
encouragement to all who follow, subscribe or even stumble
upon these words.  I am excited to begin writing and look
forward to meeting you.  Blessings and get ready to SOAR! 

june and july 2012 682

2 responses to “Spread your wings-”

  1. Julie Hollinger Avatar
    Julie Hollinger

    Looking forward to reading your blog!


  2. Your amazing…so many hardships you have encountered and you still soar…u r so talented…. Love you and thanks for going through your hardships with a positive outlook and a string heart for God…


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