The Value of Silence

   As I flew to Florida recently, I found myself staring out
the window.  It is always inspiring to look out over the clouds
as the world gets smaller.  On this flight, as we approached
Orlando and the earth drew closer, I pondered the privilege
have to enjoy this view daily.  The lakes reflecting the
sunshine, the groves of trees appearing as tops of bushes,
and most importantly, the silence.  To be a couple miles above
the chaos of human life has to be quiet and serene.
  A bald eagle flies to heights of 15,000 feet which is almost
3 miles. Wow-how would that be to take flight and fly above the 
craziness of everyday responsibilities? 
  We may not be able to physically fly, or even escape the 
stress of our routines, but we can make a choice to value 
silence. "How? You don't understand how busy my life is!?" Make 
a choice to carve out some daily time to be still, be quiet, 
and see what you discover.  Turn off the tv, get off Facebook, 
leave the phone inside and go sit outside.  What do you hear? 
Birds, wind, waves?
  Now---go a step further.  Ask the Lord to speak to you.  
Prayer is a 2 way communication but often we are too busy 
giving God our lists of needs that He doesn't have a chance to
speak to us. 
Sound familiar?
	So here's the challenge....
	1. A daily quiet time
	2. Journal what you hear
	3. Journal how God speaks to you.
  Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God; I will be
exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."
  Ecclesiastes 3:7 "...There is a time to be silent and a time 
to speak."

Let me and the readers know how you spend your quiet time!

Go value some silence today and everyday!!!1IMG_1105

One response to “The Value of Silence”

  1. carol stouder Avatar
    carol stouder

    Thank you for this my friend! I find that the more I make sure I have this quiet time with my Creator recognizing, appreciating and completely in awe – enjoying His Creation He has blessed us with – the more I crave that precious time.


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