“Check your Oil”

The eagle is very ritualistic with his daily hygiene and part of that routine includes the use of special oil. Every day the giant bird spends about an hour grooming each feather on its wings.  This is no small task knowing that there are over 1,250 feathers on each  wing.  The eagle breathes and blows out the dirt and residue.  Then he reaches behind his tail where there is a special gland that excretes oil.  That oil is crucial, and is placed by the eagle on each feather to complete the preening process.

The routine is time well spent and protects the eagle through the coming day.  By breathing through the feathers he cleans them and avoids them matting together which could affect flight.  The oil waterproofs the feathers so that in any kind of weather, the eagle can soar unaffected by moisture.  If the eagle chose to skip this necessary process, flight, hunting and even its survival could be affected.

What most Christians fail to realize is that much of our life is dependent on a preening process that we frequently abandon for other priorities. Time with God in prayer, reading the Word, and just listening for His direction is essential to our daily existence.  We need to breathe the dirt out of our life and routinely apply a spiritual oil of protection.  Why is it so easy to allow this preening process to remain undone for days, weeks, and even months?  Yet we are surprised when we falter, face and fail challenges, but have taken no time to oil up.  Take some valuable time to preen….you will fly so much better!

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