Caring For the Wounded

This summer, my dad experienced a life threatening illness during a family vacation.  A picnic at a park suddenly detoured to a race to one hospital, transfer to another and 40 sleepless hours while we prayed for our dad’s life to be spared.  Only by God’s grace, our father is still with us and recovering well. During that time, our family, friends and many prayer warriors embraced us in our time of need.  I thought it fitting for my first blog entry since all that happened to post this entry.  Enjoy and remember to care for those in need around you!

Midlife the eagle experiences a physical crisis and a chemical change takes place in his body.  Due to this “midlife crisis” the eagle becomes weak and isolates itself away from other eagles on the floor of a valley.  The poor, once majestic bird lays head down, eyes dry, lifeless as its feathers begin to fall out one at a time.  Losing hope, the eagle faces sure death……UNTIL…

Suddenly the ill bird hears something from above.  It looks up to see a circle formation of fellow eagles calling to him.  Are they mocking me?  Will they attack me when I am down?  These are thoughts that may pass through the eagle’s mind during this uncertain time.

About to give up, the eagle lowers its head in despair when morsels of food begin to drop around him.  As the days pass, the circle of friends continues to feed, protect and support their wounded comrade.  Before long strength is renewed, feathers re-grow and the eagle is once again able to soar!

As a church, we should mimic this behavior.  There are countless situations that our fellow believers experience that leave them lifeless and wounded.  What is our response when our comrades fall?  Do we gossip and further wound them or do we nourish, support and uphold them?  The church of all locations should be a place of refuge and healing but repeatedly we kick those who are down by judging their sin or spreading their misfortune around the community.  How are you caring for the wounded eagles around you?


Seed from the Feeder: John 21:16 “Again Jesus said, “Simon, son of John do you truly love me?”  He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”  Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”


Flap or Fly? :  Think about the fellow “eagles” that are hurting right now.  Make a plan to reach out and care for them in at least one specific way this week, then make a habit to care for hurting people regularly.


FEATHERED FACT:  An eagle’s size varies by type, sex, and geographic location but on average the wingspan is between 5.9- 7.5 feet and weighs between 5.5- 17 lbs.




2 responses to “Caring For the Wounded”

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  2. Beautiful Tawnya! What a wonderful analogy. Thank you for making this available.


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