Sandwich Snatcher

“Gorgeous” best describes the day my husband and I were having at Clearwater Beach as we shared a picnic lunch on a blanket.  It was perfect except one thing.  That thing was a pearl white, picturesque sea gull.  Sure he was pretty to look at until he swooped down from behind me and literally snatched my sandwich out of my hand.  I had only had one bite from that half and his antics left me hungry and irritated!  Carefully guarding what remained on my plate, I ate with watchful eyes although my belly was not satisfied.

Sea gulls are beautiful birds that are found near or on bodies of water.  They feed on fish, insects and apparently human’s sandwiches.  Many of these big soaring water fowl are accustomed to human contact and will come very near if it means being fed.  Travelers unfamiliar with the gulls’ antics will eagerly feed these birds with hopes of obtaining a picture or memory.  Little do those tourists realize if you feed one gull, you will soon be entertaining an entire flock.  When my sandwich flew away in the beak of the thief, it was instantly fought over by more than 30 others.  My gull friend needed meat.

As Christians we are to be eating spiritual meat daily.  Like my seagull friend there are countless distractions that snatch away our time with God.  Those items may appear harmless like a job, family, children’s events, housework and even church.  It doesn’t matter how well-meaning these tasks are, if they are getting in the way of God time they are thieves.  Regardless of what your snatcher is, without that daily spiritual meal you will be left irritated, unsatisfied and hungry for God’s teachings.  I should have better guarded my sandwich and we should all be more careful to keep anything from stealing our precious time with the Father.

What is on your daily plate?  Does it include a daily dose of spiritual meat?  Or is something snatching it away?

Seed from the Feeder: Matthew 6:33 “But seek FIRST  His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


Flap or Fly? :  Take a minute to reflect on the amount of time you spend in God’s Word every day.  Now honestly consider what you can change to increase those God moments.  Eliminate one or two of your sandwich snatchers… it TV, computer time or overtime?  Commit to make the change now!


FEATHERED FACT:  Certain species of gulls have been noted to use a piece of bread to bait small fish.  This tactic is called tool

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