Drowning In The Storm

Overcoming Life’s Challenges….

This is a topic I have written about, spoke about, and lately needed reminding about. Over the years of speaking and writing, I do find that God lays upon my heart topics that resonate with me because of a personal connection. I am going to be very transparent with you on this blog post. The past several months, I have been drowning in the storm instead of flying over it. Trials from my childhood have re-surfaced and caught me off guard. My writing that was taking a full forward trajectory came to a screeching halt. I had become paralyzed like my dear turkey friend that you are about to read about. Read the following devotional and I will share more of how God has helped me in this storm.

Turkeys are very popular and well-loved birds especially at Thanksgiving.  Few people realize how ignorant this succulent fowl can be when facing a storm.  Turkey farmers know this fact and realize it is imperative to put their flock inside before the rain begins. Why?  Other birds remain outside in the rain, snow and cold and seem fine.  So why does the turkey have to be put up?

During a storm, that colorful Tom turkey will unbelievably stand statue-like, mouth up and literally drown himself in the rain. This is more prominent in young turkeys and is due to the angle that the bird holds its head.  If a turkey gets the head too far back, it cannot swallow and will inadvertently drown.  The turkey literally becomes paralyzed at the sight of rain and will not survive if the farmer doesn’t intervene.

            You may chuckle at this idiosyncrasy but think about how many humans are just like this bird.  We can be easily paralyzed by the storms in our lives.  When the rain starts, we stand still, become paralyzed by circumstances and before we know it we are drowning in sorrow, anger or bitterness.  We cannot control the storm, but we can control how we react to the storm!

Divorce, illness, a rebelling child, an unexpected tragedy are all examples of how we can be blindsided by life.  God is our farmer and desires to take you out of the weather or comfort you through it.  He is our refuge if we allow him to be.  It is not necessary to try and survive on our own; we have a God who loves and cares about us in all situations.

Are the storms of life drowning you today?  Look to your keeper who will care for you through the storm.  Don’t drown, look to the crown.

Seed from the Feeder: Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

Dear friend, I know how if feels to be that turkey. Plans for a God inspired book were well underway when a force beyond my control brought it to a halt. Was it Satan at work, trying to keep this work from coming to fruition? Was it God giving me direction to not give up, but prayerfully consider alternative content and formats that eventually may be exactly what He intended that the book become? Maybe it was a combination. Regardless, I answer, worship, and write for the one true God. This temporary turkey is determined to seek refuge in the wings of her God and soar for Him again. Has the storm paralyzed you? Don’t stay there! Look to the one who creates the storm and He will see you through even the darkest of days!

2 responses to “Drowning In The Storm”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt words. Keep writing. We are reading.


  2. Wow! I too am paralyzed and drowning. I know with my head I must face an issue head on and deal with it, and it has a time limit besides. Thank you for these words to turn me toward God and ask for His help.


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