Blue Bully

“Blue Bully”

As a young girl I enjoyed watching the bird feeder out our bay kitchen window and I particularly enjoyed the variety of feathered friends.  That variety was quickly disrupted by one culprit.  A beautiful, stately bird to watch, the blue jay was one of my favorites.  He was so pretty with his blue feathers trimmed in black and set off by his white belly.  As beautiful as he was, the blue jay was equally mean and viewed the bird feeder as his own.  I watched him dive, peck and run countless birds away from the bird feeder even if they were there first. This possessive quality caused him to chase away all the other chick-a-dees, swallows and hummingbirds.  The blue jay wanted the feeder and seed to himself and scared the others away.

The church today is full of blue jay Christians—eager to drive out anyone different to maintain his “feeder” or church as his own.  The church, the building and no certain pew belongs to any one person…..they all belong to God. The church is comprised of imperfect people just like you and me.  None of us truly deserves God’s grace, it doesn’t matter what color our tail feathers are or what our past holds.  It is God’s goodness and love that saves us, not anything we have earned. In fact, the more birds of a different feather that come in the doors the better.  Isn’t it our goal to bring the lost to Christ?  So why are we chasing them away with our judgments? Don’t be a bully blue jay Christian….open your arms and heart and welcome others to the feeder.

Seed from the Feeder: Matthew 22:39 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Flap or Fly? :  Step out of your comfort zone.  The next time you see someone that is different or may feel out of place at church…make a move and welcome him!  Help that person feel a part of the feeder!

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